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3 Things Job Seekers on Social Media Need to Do Now

3 Things Job Seekers on Social Media Need to Do Now3 Things Job Seekers on Social Media Need to Do NowMaybe social media just isnt your thing. Or maybe youre hoping that some questionable college-day photos dont resurface on social media channels. Either way, you dont have any social media accounts, including facebook inc, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. However, job seekers on social media tend to have more success than those without.While you might feel that having no social media accounts is safer than risking having a friend tag you in a risqu (and public) photo, you could actually be doing damage to your job search by NOT having any sort of active social media presence.In todays job market, nearly every hiring manager worth her salt is doing a social media check on all viable job candidates. When she does a search for you and comes up with nada, it will put doubt in her mind as to why youre not online.Heres what employers might think if youre NOT on social medi aYou dont know how to do it.A potential babo may be able to guesstimate your age based on clues found in your resume and cover letter. Pair that with a nonexistent social media profile, and he might think that you just dont know how social media even works. Even worse, he might falsely assume that even if you do know how to pin on Pinterest, you simply dont care to do so. No matter what type of job youre applying for, one of the must-have skills is being very adept with social media. A lack of it on your part could cause your job application to get tossed in the reject pile.You did a clean sweep.Before your job search, you were very active in social media. Once you decided to find a flexible job, however, you did a quick cleanse of all of your accounts, assuming that a hiring manager wouldnt be able to find anything fishy on you, right? Wrong. It is still possible to find traces of previous online antics, and if a hiring manager discovers that you once were online and now youre not, hes going to wonder why you did your social media dump. Hell quickly figure out that you have something to hide, and its going to put doubt in his mind about the quality of your candidacy.You have low self-esteem.Everyone knows that social media is the place to make yourself shine. Your kid made the honor roll? Post a pic on Facebook You made a slamming souffl? Pin it on Pinterest But when things arent going too well, you may find that you shy away from social media- or retreat entirely. So you need to make an extra effort to find the qualities that bosses are looking for and post them online.3 Things Job Seekers on Social Media Should Do NowNow that you know that you need to have an active online presence, what should you be doing? Here are a few tips.Update your LinkedIn profile. We cannot say it enough. Of all the social media sites, LinkedIn is one of the top ones that job seekers should be on. Update your profile with all of your previous work experiences, make koranvers that you have a new profile photo, and write a description about yourself to include that youre looking for work in X field. That way, hiring managers will know right away what youre interested in. And if you have time, start taking advantage of LinkedIns blog post option and write something about your industry it can be new trends or even give your opinion on the current state of affairs.Get professional on Facebook.Sure, you used your personal FB account to let friends and family know that youre looking for a job. But now its time to separate the personal from the professional. So create a Facebook page to promote your current projects, previous work, and professional skills.Type it up on Twitter. Twitter is a great way to make new connections with hiring managers and potential bosses. Again, make sure that you create a new Twitter account that is for professional purposes only, and start following companies that you like- or would like to work for. Post questions, or even answer quest ions that you find on feeds that you follow to help establish you as an expert.No matter what type of job youre looking for, its important for every job seeker to have an online presence. It can help hiring managers get a feel for who you are, which in turn might make all the difference in getting called in for a job interview and ultimately hired.Job seekers on social media, what tips do you have to offer? Do you enjoy doing it? Let us know in the comments below

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Customize this Outstanding Healthcare Project Manager Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Healthcare Project Manager Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Healthcare Project Manager Resume TemplateWriting the Healthcare Project Manager Resume TemplateCreate Resume Medical professionals tend to not be business experts, so they leave the business side of the medical industry to those who are more experienced. A medical organization must remain focused on achieving business goals if it wants to remain profitable and be able to deliver excellent care. When it comes to developing your Healthcare Project Manager resume template, you will want to show that mix of business experience and medical industry understanding that makes your talents valuable.Resume Template for Healthcare Project ManagerTodd WeaverProfessional SummaryFocused Healthcare Project Manager that defines deliverables for each project and then bases project success on achieving those deliverables. History of managing complex projects, developing projects that achieve their goals w ithin the timeline and budget set aside and developing useful metrics for measuring success.Core QualificationsInfrastructure ManagementCertified Project ManagerCorporate CommunicationsEnterprise Project DevelopmentBudget ForecastingFocused Project Scope DevelopmentExperienceHealthcare Project Manager, November 2009 May 2015Healthcare Associates New Cityland, CAResponsible for outlining the deliverables and necessary metrics for each new project.Arranged regular client and management meetings to update everyone on project progress and get eintrag from clients.Assisted in developing the protocols still used to outline and administer enterprise-level financial projects.Office Coordinator, June 1997 November 2009Brandy Health New Cityland, CAResponsible for hiring all office personnel and monitoring productivity.Created document storage policies still being used.Assisted in transitioning the firm to a new software platform.Education1997 Masters Degree, Healthcare AdministrationGoth am University New Cityland, CACustomize Resume

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Spring Scholarship Results and New Endeavours

Spring Scholarship Results and New EndeavoursSpring Scholarship Results and New EndeavoursSpring Scholarship Results and New EndeavoursCourtesy expertbeacon.comWe have come to the moment when the Spring scholarship application is done and we need to choose the winner. Overall, we have got 25 application not so much but pretty good for the start. 35 universities have come to share our scholarship announcement on their websites and there were alot of mentions on the 3rd party websites too. We thank you all for thatWe called our scholarship a Creative Workforce transition to emphasise the ways to achieve smooth professional step-up because we were totally aware of the problems prospective professionals may face. Strikingly, the entries weve received have greatly amplified our initial thoughts and ideas. As one of the participants put his opinion of that Students lose the plot when their diligence to earn an A grade overtakes their knack to reap the real learning out of the education.So we set and started thinking. A first thing that came to us was to make the Scholarship rolling, i.e. to give it away twice a year instead of once. It will create a greater impact and will potentially get us more interns / apprentices.The deeper thought was that we need to find a way to translate the real world virtues to the prospective professionals the way theyd understand. Yeah, we have got the Entry-level resume package where we give them a real resume and cover letter the way it should be. Yet, we thought we need a free and interactive way to get to them. And here we created a Career Classroom the way it should be.So, we will give 80-minute long interactive video sessions (webinars) with our top coaches and instructors as well as participating college professionals. We wanted to make it easily accessible (we have got that through the use of tech.) and free (thats tougher). Thats why we decided to give webinars for free for students of the 35 universities that supported us in th e first instance. If your university is not on our list you still may register yet, we will contact them and ask for a little help and promotion.Ooh, now we are kind of happy with how it goes. And yes, the Scholarship winner. We have shortlisted 3 persons who did great jobs and supplied truly deep articles on how to facilitate the students workforce transition.And the winner is Samuel Mursalin fromJohn Hopkins Carey Business School.Congratulations

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Customize this Outstanding Experienced Automotive and Motor Vehicles Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Experienced Automotive and Motor Vehicles Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Experienced Automotive and Motor Vehicles Resume TemplateCreate ResumeMason Williams100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019Cell 318-934-8883ramey.crystalyahoo.comSummaryKnowledgeable, hard working, self sufficient, fast learner who employs a strong work ethic. Employs great communication skills to relay complex problems to customers and help meet their needs.HighlightsSuperior customer servicePreventative maintenanceConflict resolution techniquesMeticulous attention to detailFocused on customer satisfactionSkilled multi-taskerSchedulingInventoryWarranty claimsParts look upDeadline-orientedManagement of remote employeesOperations managementSupervision and trainingComputer-savvyCalm under pressureSound judgmentComplex problem solvingFilingExperienceOffice Manager, 04/2005 to 05/2013 Mikes Outdoor Minden, LAOver seen a small engine repair shop, that offered parts service and sal es. Answered phones, helped customers, sold units, looked up, stocked and ordered all parts. Took in units, wrote service tickets, warranty claims and insurance claims.District Supervisor, 07/2012 to 03/2013 Sentinel Security Group Bossier City , LaManaged team of three hundred positiv employees and over seen nine casino locations. Made schedules, resolve conflict and over seen that daily duties were done.Assistant Manager, 01/2003 to 03/2005 Moms Diner Minden, LAContinually monitored restaurant and took appropriate action to ensure food quality and service standards were consistently met.Developed and maintained exceptional customer service standards.Assistant Manager/ Collector, 08/2001 to 01/2003 Rosbottom /gaming Minden, LACalculated change for currency, chips, vouchers and checks.Processed customer transactions involving cash, and cash out tickets. Assured the customer enjoyed their gaming experience. Removed all cash from machines and counted, made deposits and daily cash d raws. Made weekly schedules.Shot girl/ Waitress, 04/1998 to 12/2000 Ghrams Odessa , TXSold shots, took drink orders and ensured that the customer enjoyed their night life experience.EducationHigh School Diploma General, 1998 Crane High School Crane, Tx, USAGeneral University Of Phoenix Shreveport, La, USAReferencesLatasha Pyle, Operations SupervisorSentinel Security Group318-288-1130(Former supervisor)Jack HaltermanJacks Auto318-377-9188Gabriel Solis, OwnerBriannas Pizza432-556-2133Customize ResumeMore Skilled Trades Resume TemplatesEntry Level Automotive and Motor Vehicles Resume TemplatesAutomotive and Motor Vehicles Resume TemplatesEntry Level Facilities, Maintenance and Cleaning Resume Templates

Friday, December 13, 2019

From Uniformed to Civil Servant Landing US Government Jobs

From Uniformed to Civil Servant Landing US Government JobsFrom Uniformed to Civil Servant Landing US Government JobsFederal jobs can be an inside path for job seekers with military experience.If youre considering a job in the public sector, theres at least some good news The federal government is hiring, and veterans have a foot in the door for interviews.I can tell you that if youre interested in this type of work, your skills would be very applicable, said Jim Deimer, a member of Ladders whos now a human-resources manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are over 53,000 jobs posted on, and those vary from very entry-level positions that pay $30,000- $40,000 a year to the select executive-service positions that could pay up to $150,000 a year.More military retirees are now moving into government service, thanks to a change in laws about dual compensation. Retired service members no longer have their retirement pay reduced when they take a federal job.We fi nd more and more people going into the government now, said Col. Dick Crampton, director of placement services for the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA). And that is a very smooth transition. You just take off the pickle suit and put on a regular suit, and youre ready to work at the Pentagon.However, applying and landing a federal job can be a long, arduous process. It can take as long as six months to complete the process of applications, screenings and interviews.Jim Deimer compared the process of applying for a federal position to applying for college or law school. The Office of Personnel Management mandates that all applicants go through, create a user profile and create an online resume. You have to upload your service record, your discharge documents, submit (college) transcripts and theres a federal application for employment that you will fully disclose a variety of personnel related questions. Its not hard, you just have to put the time into it. Much of that time will go into collecting the documentation required by USAJobs.govs lengthy online application process. Once thats complete, youll likely need to create multiple online resumes, tailored to each position you apply for. Applications are then screened, and while your veterans preference points will boost you in the rating process, theyre not a guarantee of getting the job - they just get you closer to the top of the candidate list.

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The Retail Resume Example Trap

The Retail Resume Example Trap The Hidden Truth About Retail Resume Example If youre a recent graduate or career changer free of experience in retail sales, you will want to compose a sales resume objective. When listing your prior experience, make sure to list any particular disabilities or issues which youve worked with before. Only go back further in the event that you have earlier experience that is immensely relevant. Take a look at a list of retail abilities and a list of the best 10 soft skills for customer support. What Is So Fascinating About Retail Resume Example? The development of your company isnt hampered by ordnungsprinzip constraints, and you may incorporate changes in the actual world smoothly and efficiently into the computer system. The retail business is only projected to grow, so now is the ideal time to apply To really win this trust and become offered a management position candidates must prove they have the proper heights of competence, diligence, and company savviness. Perhaps you introduced a new procedure to management. Reading through resumes are sometimes a tedious and repetitive course of action. In the third section youre able to talk about your skillsand also the outcomes of those skills. A career in any area of science is quite competitive. Individuals can use the resume examples to learn to create an overview of qualifications, and an individual paragraph that focuses on experience highlights.Companies would like to know how you contributed to the success of your prior employers. After you get a very clear idea of what you would like to do, then use these Retail Resume Examples as the catalyst to compose your application with a good career objective. Your Key Skills section is where to list your soft and difficult skills. The regions of proficiency section incorporates strong special education certain keywords like individualized education plans, multisensory lessons, and team teaching strategy. Life, Death, and Retail Resume Example Our resume builder provides you with tips and examples on the best way to compose your resume summary. Additionally, there are resume templates youll be able to download to make your own resume. Be certain to take a look at these other relevant documents below also. In doing this, bear in mind the very best practices for retail resumes like proper formatting and language. The New Angle On Retail Resume Example Just Released Its necessary for you to decide which aspect in retail that you will be in a position to showcase your strengths or assets. Make your points, outlining why you feel youre great for the sales associate role. The true golds in the specifics. To begin with, show off your prior sales experience and offer details about your accomplishments. Being part of the retail industry, especially as a worker, is no simple feat. In case you have, dont disclose the name of the organization. Its the product that you want to sell. Prove youve got what it requires to lure people into purchasing the firms products and solutions. If youre able to answer at least one of these questions with numbers, youre well on the best way to bolstering your resume. A lot of people dont list their related skills on top, if they even list them whatsoever. Australians are well-known for their laid-back attitude. It usually means that you understand just what it is you are going into. Retail Sales Associate isnt a job for the faint of heart or those that are thin-skinned. Landing work in the retail sector isnt the purpose of your resume. If youre on the lookout for a career in sales, the very first place to begin is in your resume. Inside this section, list your work experience that fruchtwein directly is related to the job youre applying for. Use the in depth cashier job description. To begin with, search the work description. Heres What I Know About Retail Resume Example Your professional profile is the initial thing a hiring manager notices since its right at the very top of your resume and acts as its introduction. Resume samples are a beneficial method to direct your own writing. Give your educational background. For more guidance, utilize the standard retail resume template at the very top of this write-up.

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The Secret to Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae

The Secret to Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae The Hidden Treasure of Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae The truly amazing CV writing services offering organization is one which gives the customer everything that is necessary in catching the concentration of the greatest company. The service providers will surely help you in receiving a better job. When youre going to look for the ideal CV writing services providing organizations then you have to continue to keep some things in your thoughts. It is clear that professional services know of industry requirements. Whats Actually Going on with Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae The CV writing services firm will assess the content of the CV together with highlight the shortcomings concerning design, layout, and the vital keywords and phrases. Web content writing or website Copywriting is a procedure of expressing your business enterprise or services in a sense thats simple to comprehend and interesting to read. Writing one-of-a -kind and fresh contents is crucial and. Every website has a certain target. Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae Explained Its more than certain that the CV is going to be picked up by the desired employer, just because its almost flawless. You ought to avoid the send same CV with the aim of unique jobs. Your CV requires standing out from the rest of the CVs sufficient to create the potential company would love to consider you in the interview. The effective and fantastic CV abroll-container-transport-system exactly like the key to the career for those applicants or candidates. The Truth About Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae Just about all the expert writing services are extremely proficient at highlighting your good skills in the exact great manner. Writing your resume professionally for job application might be a challenging endeavor for everybody. Contemplating the significance of the CV in the work search, its always suggested to receive it developed by means of a C V writing services firm. Expert CV writing services firm can supply you with simply that, and assist you with your work search. Characteristics of Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae How CV makes it possible to Attract Employers In order to guarantee that the aforementioned happens, youve got to work hard on your CV and of course a cover letter, how you present your CV counts and ought to be given importance. Writing a CV may be long and time-consuming procedure, but by means of the suitable expert support, you can create one quite quickly. Review your CV at the moment and ask yourself if its the best it can be. The majority of the CV writing services utilize the subsequent approach to compose your CV. Germany jobseeker visa, a skilled cvs are readily available to. CV has to be designed in a way to earn recruiter read your completed resume with no irritation. The secret behind an outstanding CV is the way it can highlight just what the prospective employer is searching for in a work seeker. Only a CV writing service will be able to help you in writing a potent CV for job seekers. Key Pieces of Resume and Cv Writing Services Uae Youre going to be surrounded by writing professionals throughout the plan of order placement, and the moment you opt to purchase essay and select an allocated writer, things will get even more exciting. On the flip side, even in case you deutsche bundespost your CV to companies, you need to bear in mind that just like you hundreds of different men and women will be sending their CV also. If youre wondering why exactly do you require expert CV writing services, below we shall mention three essential points which will help you making the correct choice. That means you must get your hands on the expert CV today made by the seasoned writers according to set standards.